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Looking for a great woman

Године 37 из Henderson, Nevada На мрежи - Јуче
Жена Тражи Жену (Удаљеност 2049 миља)

Looking for a great woman to add to our family for me and my husband To enjoy life experiences, She has to be open-minded as well as smart and loves to have fun if you are interested I_G Me patchdaprodusah or S_N me patchmuhammad

Just testing the waters here

Године 45 из Red Bank, New Jersey На мрежи - Јуче
Жена Тражи Мушкарца (Удаљеност 202 миља)

I’m a mother, teacher and very intrigued by this lifestyle.. just seeing what out there

My husband thinks I’m really great!

Године 47 из Milwaukee, Wisconsin На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена Тражи Мушкарца (Удаљеност 610 миља)

Hyper opinionated, shy, introverted hoarder of knowledge and acquirer of skills. Sarcastic and funny, and contradictory and optimistic. Very happily married (ENM) I enjoy getting to know people, I am looking for fwb. Emphasis on friends, I am...

Im looking for a REAL LOVE

Године 45 из Jonesboro, Maine На мрежи - пре недељу дана
Жена Тражи Мушкарца (Удаљеност 639 миља)

Hey there Im Keke 45 yr old searching for a loyal genuine sexy man to love me and eventually become a sister wive .

New to this all

Године 46 из Pawtucket, Rhode Island На мрежи - Данас
Жена Тражи Пар (Удаљеност 375 миља)

Looking for a new relationship and exploring

Being myself and eating tacos is bliss!

Године 35 из Xenia, Ohio На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена Тражи Пар (Удаљеност 348 миља)

I'm quite independent. I want a man but I want my space! I'm always working, always mommin' it. I like to be in control but I love surprises! I love sports. Playing them, watching them, and mostly being that embarrassing mom on the sidelines. I have...

Short and sweet like this headline

Године 35 из Millerstown, Pennsylvania - На мрежи Сада
Жена Тражи Жену (Удаљеност 105 миља)

Ethical non-monogamous -happily married. Dating solo. Loves: campfires, board games, comedy clubs, wineries/breweries, live music, four-wheel riding, boating, jet skiing, cuddling, romance, napping, traveling, hiking, backpacking, deep...

Your shy, creative new bby <3

Године 18 из Livingston, Louisiana На мрежи - Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена Тражи Жену (Удаљеност 958 миља)

Hii. I'm Ollie. So uhm, very new to this. I'm genderfluid actually, but there was no option for that. As you see, i'm super shy in person and even on phone calls. I am an animal person, love to draw, write stories, all those creative things. I'm...

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